“Many people love the slow pace of a cruise on the River Gambia. However, not everyone has time for a six or seven-hour trip to see the Chimps and hippos at the River Gambia National Park.
So, for those of you on a tight schedule or if you just love the thrill of a speedboat ride, we are delighted to introduce the Kara Lou. New to the fleet this year, she offers an experience unlike anything else on the river in the rural Gambia.”

Meet Kara Lou

Our speedboat, the Kara Lou is a Bayliner 1730, an American-built boat measuring 5.4m in length. She has a centre console design meaning that you can walk all around the boat with the captain in the middle – Perfect for taking photographs of the wildlife.
Originally designed as a fast/long-distance sea fishing boat, she is also ideal as a day boat.
She’s equipped with a 75 hp main engine, allowing her to touch 70 kph where safe. We also carry a 10hp spare and all the required safety equipment.
On a day trip with fuel/water and a captain on board, she has a remaining MAXIMUM capacity of 500 kilograms or 5 guests.


Speedboat ride on The River Gambia 360

Depart Janjanbureh after breakfast heading West past Six Junctions, through the RGNP and on to the 'wharftown' of Kuntaur.
Stroll around the peanut wharf before taking road transport to the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site of Wassu Stone Circles. Tour the stones with one of the trained guides and gave a look at the small but fascinating museum.
Return to Kuntaur for lunch at Kairoh Gardens riverside lodge.
Rejoin the Kara Lou and head back to the RGNP where you will meet the rangers and take a short walk to look for the endangered red colobus monkeys. After that, you will rejoin the boat and see the chimps as they come down to the water's edge for supplementary feeding, and learn more about the rehabilitation project that brought them here.
Depart RGNP at around 4 pm and arrive in Janjanbureh at around 5.

Full day RGNP PLUS £400


Depart Janjanbureh at around 2 pm heading West, past Six Junctions and onto the RGNP, arriving by 3 pm when the chimps come to the water's edge for supplementary feeding. The park rangers will join you onboard to tell you more about the chimps and the rehabilitation project that brought them here. Spend an hour enjoying nature before heading back to Janjanbureh.

3 hours. Chimps, hippos £250.


Take a flying lap of the Island, looking for hippos and baboons along the way.

Round the Island £125

Other Itineraries

Please enquire if you are interested in longer trips, such as to Banjul / Lamin Lodge at the coast or to bustling Basse Santa Su in the far East of the country.

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